Canadian and US Coin Counting / Sorting Machine - Glory Mach 6

Efficient coin processing. The Mach 6 is a mid-range use commercial grade coin
sorter and counter that is fast, accurate and versatile.

Optimal speed and accuracy
The simplicity of the patented Figure 8 technology provides optimal and accurate sorting and counting at 3,000 coins per minute.

Versatile options to meet your needs
Coins can be sorted into drawers or bags with exact programmable bag stops.

The optional WAVE™ Coin Authentication Technology checks coins five ways to determine authenticity, and rejects unwanted foreign coins, tokens and slugs with precision.

For streamlined communications and consolidated reporting, the Mach 6 is equipped with the Management Information Control System™ (MICS). This provides three levels of memory and the ability to manually enter values for other media, like checks and credit cards, into your totals.

For connectivity, choose from RS232 or USB ports to connect to other counting equipment and cash settlement systems. If loss prevention is a priority, select the optional security stand.

For pricing information please call:  Toll free.  1 855 800 0554

Coin Counting / Sorting Machine Glory Mach 6
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Technical Specifications:

Counting speed: Up to 3,000 coins per minute
Coin size range: Diameter: 0.59’’ to 1.28’’ (15 mm to 32.5 mm)
Thickness: 0.04’’ to 0.12’’ (1.0 mm to 3.0 mm)
Tilting inspection pan capacity: Up to 4,500 coins
Exact bag stops: Standard
Connectivity: RS232 and USB standard
Power supply: 90-264V AC, 50/60 Hz
Basic machine
(H x W x D)
11.34’’ x 16.73’’ x 21.73’’
(288 mm x 425 mm x 552 mm)
Basic stand
27’’ x 25.5’’ x 27’’
(685 mm x 647 mm x 685 mm)
Security stand
(H x W x D)
27’’ x 28’’ x 31’’
(685 mm x 711 mm x 787 mm)
Weight: 47.1 lbs (21.4 kg)
Security features: Lock-out security to protect operating information
Battery backup in the event of a power failure
Options: WAVE™ Coin Authentication Technology
Open or security stand
Bag attachments
Inspection pan magnet kit
Remote display
Thermal printer
Tokens (subject to review)

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