Packaging Tubes

Our coin packaging tubes are available for U.S., Canadian, Euro and other coins denominations. 

These packaging tubes are designed to be used with all Semacon Counters that have a coin wrapping feature.  Save substantial time using these tubes, in conjunction with your Semacon Counter, when it comes time to complete the coin wrapping task.


Coin Wrappers

Cartridge (shotgun shell) style pre-crimped coin wrappers slide easily and quickly in and out of the coin tubes.

You get high-speed professional coin packaging without the difficulty of working with flat style wrappers.

Available in the following sizes: Penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, loonie and toonie. 1,000 pieces per box.


High-Speed Coin Roll Crimping Machine

Combine our coin crimping system with your Semacon high speed coin counters/packagers and you have a complete, professional packaging system.

The High-Speed Coin Roll Crimping Machine professionally seals all paper coin wrappers.

Available in 110 volt or 220 volt. Crimp Heads are available for USA, Canadian and Euro coins. Please call for details and pricing. Click for video


Packaging Tubes
Semacon - Canadian Currency Counters - Counterfeit Detectors - Canadian Coin Machines

$20.00 / tube $85.00 for set of 6

Individual Packaging Tubes

Full Set of Packaging Tubes


Coin Wrappers

$60.00 / case

Coin Wrappers - 1000/Case

High-Speed Coin Roll Crimping Machine

Click here for video