Post Pos Bill Counter Cleaning Cards

Cleaning card for currency counters

Regular use of the Post Pos Bill Counter Cleaning Cards will increase the lifetime of your currency counter and reduce equipment downtime and service costs. The Post Pos Bill Counter Cleaning Cards waffles are presaturated with a proprietary solution to thoroughly clean strippers, feed rollers, intake rollers, Infrared lenses, magnetic sensors and the entire bill pathway. The Post Pos Bill Counter Cleaning Cards keeps rollers from slipping, ensures smooth feeding of the bills and helps prevent bill jams.

New technology advantage
Raised cleaning waffles allow for a deeper and more thorough cleaning compared to conventional cleaning cards. The cleaning waffles create a spring-loaded cleaning system to reach into recessed areas of the currency counter to remove dirt and debris more effectively.

Weekly or more frequent usage is recommended. Frequency is dependent on the volume of currency counted, and on the environmental conditions (humidity level, dustiness). For best results, use in conjunction with an air duster and Post Pos Bill Counter Feed Roller Cleaners.

Suitable for most brands of currency counters and automatic counterfeit money detectors.



Cassida - Canadian Currency Counters - Counterfeit Detectors - Canadian Coin Machines

Box of 15
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Technical Specifications:

Cleaning Solvent: Proprietary non-IPA
Packaging: Box of 50 individually packaged cards
10-Pack Dimensions 8.25"(L) x 4"(W) x 1.25(H)
Individual card dimensions 6"(L) x 3"(W)
Shipping weight: 2 lb.