Mixed Bill Counter / Sorter - Post POS Lidix LXF 60 2 Pocket Discriminator

New! The Post POS Lidix LXF 60 2 pocket discriminator money counter is state of the art. Value, count, sort, face, and/or orient. Uninterupted processing!


  • Active Color TFT 3.2” display
  • State of the art Sensor Technology
  • Process mixed stacks of all denominations: Canadian paper & polymer bills, or U.S. bills
  • Value count mixed stacks
  • Sort by Denomination
  • Face & Orient
  • Serial # recognition
  • Precise Counterfeit Detection (UV, FL, MG, MT, IR)

The Lidix 60 money counter delivers “Uninterrupted bill processing" via the two pocket design.

In Mixed mode, if a suspect bill is encountered it is automatically deposited into the upper tray. Counting goes on, uninterrupted. In Sort mode, the entire stack is processed without interruption. All bills in the stack that are the same denomination as the first bill into the processor are sorted to the lower tray.

The advantages of a 2 pocket design are immediately evident, processing, sorting, facing or counting all denominations, in a single stack and delivering “uninterrupted processing” with state of the art accuracy and speed.

Combine these features with a printer or your PC and the Post POS Lidix LFX 60 becomes an invaluable tool in your cash processing operations.

(Printed report similar to below but including
date and time for added security.)

money counted showing on printed receipt

Using a 2 pocket discriminator pays back dividends.

  • Improving accuracy
  • Saving substantial time
  • Delivering added security
  • Reducing losses due to counterfeiting.

every time the counter is used.

Counterfeit detection
Multiple, improved counterfeit detection processes are used to reduce the likelihood of any counterfeiting bills getting thru this machine, undetected.  All are included at no extra cost. If a counterfeit is detected, the processor places the suspect bill in the upper tray and continues with the count, uninterrupted.
Environmentally Friendly:  The “Dormant Screen” feature extends screen life. This counter is built to last.

Value:  Superior quality at competitive prices:  Post POS Lidix 60 LFX 2 pocket discriminator for Canadian and U.S. currency.




Mixed Bill Counter / Sorter Lidix LXF 60 - 2 Pocket Discriminator
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For pricing information please call:  Toll free.  1.855.800.0554

Technical Specifications:

Model : Post POS – Lidix LFX 60 Canadian/U.S. currency discriminator (Exclusive to Post POS)
Currency:   Pockets:
Counting speed:
Canadian & U.S. Euro Local (up to 5)
1 Stacker, 1 Reject
1000 notes/min, count
1000 notes/min. Detection
Operation modes: Mixed (bill recognition), Count
Add, batch
OCR (Optional)
Hopper capacity: To 500 bills
Stacker capacity: To 300 bills
Counterfeit Detection: UV/FL/MG/MT/IR
Batching range: preset or 1 —999
Large Graphic LCD Display: “Dormant Screen” feature extending screen life.
Options: Printer, Remote Display, Computer, RS232 connector
Upgrade RS232 and USB ports
Power Source AC100~240V, 50~60Hz
Power Consumption 75w
Dimensions 284mm x 315mm x 277mm
RS 232C
12 kg
Thermal Printer (2” or 3”) PC