Money Counter - Post POS 396 VP Cdn (For Canadian Currency – Polymer and/or Paper)

The Post POS 396 VP Money Counter 12 roller feed system delivers smooth “Whisper Quiet”, accurate and reliable, no jam performance.

The new, unique and exclusive, value counting software provides “ACCUMULATION COUNTING”, all denominations of bills.  The 396 VP in many ways functions like a discriminator mixed bill counter….But the cost is substantially less.

The Post POS 396 VP Money Counter is manufactured exclusively for Canada and Canadian Currency.  It counts paper, polymer or a mix of both bill types, flawlessly.

Post POS’s 396 VP model money counter is not a basic conventional “bill counter”.It is much more and designed for Canadian business applications.

Yes.  The 396 VP comes with all the standard bill counter features but it also comes standard with: 

  • Single denomination value counting
  • UV counterfeit detection
  • On screen count and value reporting
  • Printer compatibility
  • 12 roller feed system
  • Accumulation counting: This new feature allows the operator to place a single stack containing multiple single denomination stacks together in the hopper.  That sounds like a “discriminator” or mixed bill counter but the 396 costs substantially less.   

The 396 VP can count, and store the number and value of bills for each denomination counted.

At the touch of a button an on screen report is presented, displaying:

  • # of bills in each denomination
  • the $ value for each denomination
  • All totals and grand totals.

Another touch and a detailed printed report is generated.  

This is a powerful combination of features.
The Operator can throw away the calculator and pencil.  Extension errors are eliminated. Substantial time is saved.  Security and cash management accountability are provided along with the printed record every time the 396 is used.
The Post POS model 396 VP and companion printer can literally count your nightly bank deposit and make up the bank deposit slip. 

It is the combination of features that make the Post POS 360 ideal for business and banking applications.

Counterfeit detection
The Post POS 396 comes with UV counterfeit detection at no extra cost. If a counterfeit is detected, the count stops.  The Operator is alerted and the suspect bill can be simply removed from the stacker without affecting the count. Half double and chain note detection is standard on the Post POS 396 VP model. 

Multi Speed The Post POS 396 VP is fast.  The 12 roller feed system delivers smooth, “Whisper quiet” operation.   At the touch of a button the speed can be set to most efficiently handle the application.
Front loading: Simple, “Drop In Loading” provides increased hopper capacity to 400 notes.  The advanced 12 roller feed system makes jamming a problem only for other counters.
Portable: A built-in “Safe-Grip” carrying handle and a total weight of only 5.3 Kg make this unit totally portable.

 Environmently Friendly:  “Sleep mode” saves energy when the counter is not in use. Screen power is restored at the touch of a button or simply by placing bills in the hopper.
Price guarantee:  The Post POS 396 VP model offers many of the features of a “discriminator” but at a fraction of the cost.  Feature for feature we provide you with the comfort of our Price Guarantee.

Added value:  Save $79.00 on your purchase when you purchase the Counter and Thermal Printer Combination.


For pricing information please call:  Toll free.  1 855 800 0554

Money Counter Post POS 396 VP Cdn
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Post POS accepts Interac direct payments.
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Counter, Thermal Printer Combination

Money Counter and Printer Post POS 396 VP Cdn
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Technical Specifications:

Model : Post POS 396 VP Cdn
Counting speed: Variable speed, 750/1000/1500 bills/min
Hopper capacity : To 400 new bills
Stacker capacity: To 250 new bills
Error Detection: Double, half, chain & size detection
Counterfeit Detection: Yes, UV
Display: Large LCD
Operating modes: Count, add, batch, value. value/add
Batching range: preset or 1 —999
Error Alert: Audio and visual alert system
Power Saving mode: Auto, after set time
Options: Printer, Remote Display, RS232 port
Weight: 5.3 kg.
Power source: AC 100-240V, 50-60 Hz