Canadian Automatic Coin Dispenser - Glory InstaChange™

Intelligent, reliable coin dispensing. The Glory automatic coin dispenser is truly revolutionary.
InstaChange is a fast, accurate and secure means to automatically return change to customers.

Revolutionary universal design
The patented and unique magazine shape provides greater coin capacity allowing InstaChange to run longer requiring less employee support all day, every day.

An innovative design keeps moving parts to a minimum resulting in a lower cost of ownership and increased reliability.

The universal base supports a variety of coin set magazines making it easy for global customers to maximise in-store equipment inventory and minimise service support variations.

Intelligent functionality
InstaChange automatically dispenses the right amount of change back to your customer. And unless you tell it otherwise, InstaChange will always dispense the least amount of coin required. If selected, InstaChange will intelligently substitute for low channels, further extending run-time.

Ease of use
InstaChange’s tear drop design makes for easy placement. InstaChange can be positioned in any direction to ensure the coin cup is within easy reach of the customer, cashier or teller.

When InstaChange does require refilling, loose or rolled coin is easily loaded into the coin magazine while it sits either on the universal base or flat on a table. Balancing is aided through the use of colour coded calibration labels.

Each unit ships with standard software drivers (OPOS, JPOS) allowing InstaChange to quickly interface with most point of sale systems in use today. InstaChange is also fully compatible with the Glory range of Teller Assist products.

For pricing information please call:  Toll free.  1 855 800 0554

Automatic Coin Dispenser
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Technical Specifications:

Supported Coin Sets: British sterling
Mounting Hardware: Each unit ships complete with
installation template and bolt down kit
Connectivity: RS232 and USB standard
H × W × D:
273 × 190 × 287 mm
Weight: 4.5 kg
Power supply: 108 – 240V AC (+10%), 50/60 Hz
Manufacturing standards
and approvals:
ISO9001, CE, CUL, Windows XP Approved
Options: Additional magazines for quick change out

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