Counterfeit Detector (Canadian or US Bills) Post POS Mini Raven IR - 100% compatible with the new Canadian Polymer Bills and other currencies.

Verification of any kind of notes / documents / cards / cheques with infrared.

Retailers shoulder the losses. When a counterfeit bill is accepted at the cash register, at that instant, the retailer has incurred a non recoverable loss. It comes straight off the bottom line.

The choice is:
• Accept the losses as one of the costs of doing business.
• Take cost effective action to prevent the losses from happening.

The solution is simple:
1. Place the right counterfeit detector in clear view at each register.
2. Provide the training required.
3. Put a policy in place. All suspect bills and all bills of $___ denomination
or larger must be checked with the equipment provided.

All the components need to ✓
✓ The counterfeit detector needs to be unique in appearance so it is noticed.
✓ The counterfeit detector must be in the customer’s view at the POS.
✓ The counterfeit detector must be easily readable from a sitting or standing
✓ The counterfeit detector must be small. POS space is at a premium.
✓ Authentication needs to be instant.
✓ Counterfeit bills must be immediately obvious.
✓ Minimal training must be required.
✓ The detector must employ IR.
✓ The cost of the equipment must be quickly recoverable. (One or two prevented counterfeit transactions)

Simplicity in operation:
• Auto on when a bill is placed on the platform.
• Auto off after 2 minutes of no activity.
• Counterfeits are immediately and easily recognizable.

The Post POS Mini Raven uses Infrared detection technology. IR is
commonly accepted as the single best method available to detect counterfeit
bills at a glance.


Post POS Mini Raven IR

Post POS Counterfeit Detector
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