Mixed Bill (Discriminator) Counter - Post POS - "Money Cat 810 - Canadian"

New for 2014. Processes mixed stacks of all denominations of Canadian paper & polymer series bills, or U.S. currency (including the new U.S. 100 dollar notes)

If you are still using a conventional "bill counter" you will not believe how much time a discriminator will save you and your business. The MoneyCAT 810 - Canadian processes all denominations, in a single stack. No training required. Just place the stack in the hopper.

New Exclusive Features Include:

  • A redesigned hopper with a new advanced bill guide design and front “drop in loading” for jam free feeding.
  • State of the art, denomination recognition software for all denominations, both Canadian and U.S. currencies.
  • Improved Counterfeit detection, including: UV, MG & IR detection.
  • Exceptional accuracy incorporating 2 additional pairs of receiving and transmitting counting sensors.
  • Printer and PC compatible

Mixed denomination counting is fast and simple:

  1. Place the mixed stack in the hopper
  2. View results. (On screen or Print)
  3. Place the bills and the print out in the deposit bag

Total time required: Less than 1 minute to process a stack of mixed bills ($10,000.00) and make up the bank deposit!

The on screen and/or printed report is complete:

  • # of bills in each denomination
  • The value of the bills in each denomination
  • Totals of each denomination
  • Grand totals
Using a discriminator bill counter in your business will:

  • Improve accuracy &
  • Save substantial time.
  every time the counter is used.

Counterfeit detection
The 2014 MoneyCAT 810 – Canadian offers improved counterfeit detection, now featuring IR detection at no extra cost. If a counterfeit is detected, the count stops, the suspect bill can be simply removed without affecting the count.

Half double and chain note detection
are standard.

Portable: Despite the powerful features and durability the MoneyCAT 810 – Canadian is portable, weighing only 7.3 kg.
Environmently Friendly:  The “Dormant Screen” feature extends screen life. This counter is built to last.

Value:  Save $99.00 by purchasing the Counter and Thermal Printer package.



For pricing information please call:  Toll free.  1 855 800 0554

Mixed Bill Money Counter Post POS Money Cat 810
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Discriminator, mixed value counter & thermal printer Combination

Mixed Bill Money Counter Post POS Money Cat 810 and Printer
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Technical Specifications:

Model : MoneyCAT 810 – Canadian, exclusive to Post POS
Counting speed: Variable, 900/1200/1500 bills/min
Operation modes: Mixed (bill recognition), Single, Add, batch
Hopper capacity: To 400 bills
Stacker capacity: To 300 bills
Counterfeit Detection: UV/MG//IR
Batching range: preset or 1 —999
Error Alert: Audio and visual
Large Graphic LCD Display: “Dormant Screen” feature extending screen life.
Options: Printer, Remote Display, Computer, RS232 connector
Upgrade RS232 and USB ports
Power Source AC100~240V, 50~60Hz
Power Consumption <=55w
Dimensions 272mm x 232mm x 279mm
Weight 7.3kg