Coin Counter / Coin Sorter (Canadian or U.S. Coins)
Post POS C390

“Whisper quiet”: (Approximately 50% quieter than competitor’s coin counters)


- Eliminate all that wasted time, sorting & counting coins.
- Increase accuracy. 
- Increase security and cash accountability with a detailed printer report recording: Date, Time each denomination, totals and grand totals….and….it is “Whisper Quiet”! It no longer sounds like you are in Las Vegas.

The Post POS C390 is an all-in-one solution for coin handling needs. It will count and sort all denominations, concurrently, in one pass thru the machine.

The total coins in each denomination, the total value of each denomination and the grand totals are presented on a multi line LCD display (no scrolling required).  Generate a detailed printer report or count receipt at the touch of a button.

Need to batch? No problem. The machine will stop exactly at the batch you select and identify the denomination batch filled.   

Post POS’s C390.  Quiet, more features, better quality and printer compatible. 

Feature for Feature, in this price range, this is the best machine on the market.  There is no close second! 

Real time Reporting on the Back lit, multi line LCD display
The Post POS C 390 coin counter has a large, easy-to-read multi line LCD display.  Your count results are all there on one screen.

Increase Security / Printer Compatible.

Increase security with a detailed printer reportor receipt showing both value of each denomination, grand totals and date and time of count. 

Whisper Quiet & Durable.
Details like foam lined coin cups and covered receiving cups make the Post POS C390 coin counter “whisper quiet”, approximately 50% quieter than competitors models.

Operator Friendly.
Simple start, auto stop operation.  A flashing light identifies the denomination of the batch filled.

No jamming.
An independent powered conveyor loading system is used to control the coin flow.  Combine this feature with auto reverse.  No more jamming.

Light weight & portable.
The C390 is light weight and totally portable.  It can safely and easily be moved to wherever it is needed. 

Power Saver.
The power saving feature dims the screen after a period of inactivity.

Double Capacity.
Both one dollar and two dollar coins have double capacity receiving trays.

Best Value guarantee.
Feature for feature there is no other machine in this price range  (or even close) That is our Best Value guarantee.

Preparing cash floats in retail or counting a cash drawer at the start of a shift or at the end of a shift?  Save all that wasted time and increase accuracy and security with a time and date marked printed receipt.

In your buisiness the Post POS 390 coin counter can pay for itself in time saved, in 1 month! It all but eliminates all that wasted coin counting time.

  • Operators love the simplicity of operation and accuracy. 
  • Management loves staff on the floor instead of the back cash room counting coins
  • Owners love the 2 month payback time, based on the low cost and time saved. 

Order yours now!




Coin Counter/Sorter Post POS C390
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Post POS C390 Coin Sorter & Counter - Only $489 (CDN $)


Post POS accepts Interac direct payments.
Please call to confirm payment amount.

1 855 800 0554

Coin Counter/Sorter Post POS C390 and Printer
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Post POS C390 Coin Sorter & Counter with Companion Printer


Post POS accepts Interac direct payments. Please call to confirm payment amount.

1 855 800 0554


Technical Specifications:

Counting speed: To 300 coins/min
Coin batching: Single or all denominations concurrently
Countable coins: 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1, $2
Hopper capacity:
Power hopper. No jam technology.
800 coins+ depending on denomination
Iindependent, conveyor coin delivery system.  Anti jam feed.
Coin drawer capacity: Double drawer capacity for $1.00 and $2.00 coins.
Printed or on screen Reports: All inclusive, one screen detailed count report.  Date & time detailed printed report
Operating modes: Counting, adding and batching modes
Batching : Separate for each or all denominations
Batching range: Preset or 0—500
Weight: 8.7 lbs
Dimensions: 11.2''(w) x 10.8''(h) x 10.2''(d)
Power source: 110 VAC
External connection Options: Printer or Remote display
Printer compatible On button touch, full detailed printed report complete with date & time
Screen: Multi line bright back lit LCD